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Iron Filters

Iron filters are great for reducing iron and manganese levels in your water. There are four different kinds of filters with manganese greensand being the most common and used 98% of the time. This media, combined with a regenerate of potassium permanganate oxidizes iron into a form that can be trapped by the filter bed and washed away.


  • Reduces staining of fixtures and clothing
  • Reduces or removes rotten egg odour
  • Clothes will last longer
  • Plumbing doesn't become plugged or restricted
  • Reduces maintenance costs on fixtures and clothing


A moderate level of maintenance will ensure that your iron filter is always working at its best level of efficiency.

  • Add potassium permanganate every three months*
  • Service to the control valve annually
  • Re-bed the media every 3-5 years (ask to have your water sampled)

*With a meter-initiated head on your iron filter, you can save up to 50% of potassium permanganate costs. At about $150 it pays for itself after 2 years.


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